Landscape Photography

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Landscape photography

The nature around us is powerful and not that easy to capture. We’ve all had that experience when driving on a scenic route and taking lots of photos, but afterwards discovering the photos look dull, missing all the details. It’s because our eyes can encompass much more than the lenses by itself. In contrast, have you ever looked at a professional landscape photography and felt like you were there, brought into the scene, seeing the same beauty of a nature that the camera has captured? The difference between these two scenarios is a great camera equipment and most importantly, expert knowledge of the field as well as the experience and technical know-how.

Different subjects of Landscape photographs

Coastlines and cliffs

Capturing water, ocean and cliffs is never the same. One day the nature decides to show its true power by moving massive body of water and pounding it into the rocks. The next day, the sea is dead calm. A truly beautiful and versatile element of nature. Glenn has captured that quietness in Ireland.


Forest photography can be gloomy and mysterious or airy and wonderful. You’ll find shots from secret forests with waterfalls hidden deep within, and colourful trees in an autumn scene to a gloomy forest getting swallowed by a fog.


Mountains can provide endless photographic opportunities. You’ll find many shots here of the rugged beauty of mountains with its jagged peeks and stunning views. Many of them taken in New Zealand, Norway and Italy.

Flowing water

No two shots will ever look the same as the pattern of the water is constantly changing. It gives a whole new meaning to an exclusive art.
You’ll find many shots here taken with the popular method of long exposure photography to capture that misty look of flowing water.

Enjoy exploring this beautiful collection of exclusive art that’s captured the essence of the world around us. Hope you find the right piece!

Glenn Mckimmin