Product Info
Glenn’s Limited Edition prints are printed on Chromajet Metallic Pearl produced on an Epson 9070 inkjet printer. Chromajet Metallic is a flat, stiff, middle-weight paper with a metallic effect gloss finish. The paper has a neutral white base and an instant dry, microporous coating. This paper has a wide colour gamut and a high D-MAX which delivers beautiful images, both in colour and B&W. It produces extended contrast, exceptional colours, deep blacks, and clean whites. This technology results in what are arguably the highest quality photographic prints in the world. Glenn is an ambassador for the Chromajet brand and he believes they are the finest papers available in the Fine Art market.

Acrylic Face Mount

Acrylic face mounting is one of the most impressive and striking ways to display your photographic print. Your print is mounted behind acrylic and the back is covered with specially treated aluminum. This process will completely protect your image from front to back. Your image is mounted edge to edge and creates a beautiful frameless finishes. Each piece is professionally finished with hand-polished edges. We use 4.5mm optically clear, Museum Grade Acrylic which has 99% UV protection.

Acrylic is extremely safe to use, as it’s shatter-resistant and provides exceptional protection from sunlight, weather, and temperature extremes. Once hung, your print floats approximately 16mm off if you follow our simple instructions for hanging your new face mount. You can be assured that you will receive an absolutely perfect, high-quality finish. The result is truly spectacular.


Each of Glenn’s prints is framed using Created For Life on the New South Wales Central Coast. All prints are machine-mounted to a Gatorfoam backboard using a double-sided polyester carrier film. This ensures that no human hands come into contact with the print during mounting and helps to mitigate against rippling and/or the “orange-peel” effect: characteristics that become especially apparent over time after photographic prints have been hand-mounted.

When matting is an option Glenn uses a four-ply 100% cotton Alpharag Artcare mat board that has never contained lignin. Lignin is found in trees and this is what over time, can cause damage to photographic prints. Most other matboards that are acid-free have had this product removed or neutralised. It is fade and bleed resistant and provides the highest quality barrier paper and dust-cover. It also contains a technology that actively protects the art-work by trapping and neutralising harmful pollutants that might otherwise lead to fading, discolouration, and damage.

Each of Glenn’s prints is framed using Shinkolite A (Acrylic). This 4.5mm covering provides 98% UV protection and is highly resistant to sunlight, weather and high and low temperatures. It warms to room temperature more quickly than glass, which reduces the moisture and condensation that could otherwise build around the work. It is colourless and is the clearest material available. Unlike glass, it does not shatter or break and does not release gases with the potential to damage the work.

Glenn Mckimmin