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GLENN’S Awe-Inspiring Stock Images UP FOR SALE…!

-A colourful legacy to savour

Having a grand collection of breath-taking images captured over 15 years across a spectrum of countries like NZ, Bhutan, Canada, The UK, Turkey, SL, UAE, Ireland and more… GLENN’S COLOURFUL LEGACY is an inspiration for every aspiring landscape photographer.

GLENN’S Deep Connection with Mother Nature

Being a lifelong supporter of Mother Nature, Glenn, through his photographs, highlights the forgotten innocence of the natural world. By lens-locking its spectacular beauty, he encourages everyone to look after it before it gets ripped away.

Spending hours waiting for ‘that moment’ in the wilderness, he never fails to find inspiration from Mother Nature. And to fathom its unimaginable power and capture its regal beauty, Glenn establishes a connection which many aren’t able to.

An Unwavering Commitment to Sharing His Craft & Inspiring Learners

As a generous man, he always illustrates a commitment to sharing his knowledge of the craft and the life-altering benefits of photography with other aspiring apprentices. A part of that commitment also entails him offering up his mind-boggling stock images for sale, instead of merely keeping it for the shelf as a collection of trophies.

Ranging from India’s festival of colour to capturing Local Australia’s coastal regions to shooting the stunning Alpine region, Glenn offers up each of these stock photos (and many more) for sale for organisations, businesses and even individuals.

Important Information for Those Interested In Purchasing

You can buy top-quality prints of every image. But the images will be printed at sizes which meet Glenn’s expectation for quality and detail. They will also be hand-signed by Glenn.

The purchased images will be packed and send to the buyer via a professional courier. Turnaround for prints, will be 2-4 weeks. For framed prints the turnaround will be for 4-6 weeks.

For commercial or corporate interior spaces, Glenn offers discounts to buyers who plan to buy 5 or more stock images. He can even accommodate orders of over 100 prints!

Collectors will receive Glenn’s Gold limited edition stock images (featuring his top-selection of photographs printed in rare editions)
In Matters Of Stock Image Licensing Glenn Assures To Accommodate All Needs

Glenn offers to work personally with the buyer and come up with the appropriate solution for image licensing. Be it for a colourful edition for a website or for getting a stock license for images you wish to use- Glenn assures all needs will be adequately accommodated.

If you are interested in stock license images for environment charity or other organisation aiming to safeguard Mother Nature, you are eligible for a discounted fee and even free licensing.

Glenn is a ‘naturalist’ by heart and does whatever’s in his power to help environmental groups and organisations achieve their mission to protect it.

Some Common Projects To Which Glenn Has Presented Licensed Images Till Date Are
  • Publication projects- namely books, e-books, articles, PDFs
  • For online website promotion featuring home pages, website stock images, e-cards, announcements, advertisements and more.
  • Promotional printing content such as brochures, gallery guides, newspapers, newsletters, magazines, annual reports, etc.!
Steps To Proceed
Contact Glenn to let him know what you are looking for
He will sort out the stock image and provide you with the licensing quote
He will personally work with you to make a collection which will perfectly meet your needs
A stock image licensing agreement will be dispatched to you for signing
And once you agree to the terms and conditions and send back the signed agreement; your selected images will be delivered to you carefully packed through a professional courier.
For More Information about Stock Image Prints or Licensing Matters, Contact Glenn Whenever You Feel Convenient!