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Stock Image Licensing

Purchase a stock photo license to utilise Glenn’s awe-inspiring images for commercial use.

Glenn McKimmin boasts a grand collection of breathtaking images. This collection was captured over the span of 15 years across a spectrum of countries like New Zealand, Bhutan, Canada, Ireland, and many more exquisite landscapes. Glenn’s Colorful Legacy is an inspiration for every aspiring landscape photographer. And now, you can commercially license a piece of that collection to inspire your audience as well.

Stock Photos That Highlight Mother Nature

Each landscape stock photo highlights the deep connection we, as humans, have with nature. Through his photographs, Glenn highlights the forgotten innocence and magic of our natural world. He encourages everyone to gaze upon the landscape, whether it be an ocean or a mountain vista, with appreciation.

Thanks to this philosophy Glenn embodies, he has locked his camera lens on the most incredible scenes across the globe. Each scene has been captured with attention to detail and precise focus. He has established a connection with Mother Nature that many photographers aren’t able to achieve. So, it is an incredible opportunity to experience that connection together through licensed photography.

Share Inspiration With the World

Photography is life-altering. The benefits go beyond an aesthetically pleasing image. Professional photos can soothe the soul, elicit emotion, draw attention, and encourage movement. Commercial organisations, businesses, and even individuals can benefit from powerful stock images to emphasise a message or drive action.

Glenn McKimmin offers stock photos for sale to share his knowledge of the craft with others who aim to be inspired or moved. After all, sharing beautiful imagery with the world is better than letting it sit in a photo album.

Physical Stock Image Prints

You can purchase high-quality prints of any image in Glenn’s gallery. The photos will be printed in sizes that meet certain standards for exceptional quality and detail. Each print will also be donned with Glenn’s artist signature.

The purchased prints will be thoughtfully packed and sent to you via mail. The average turnaround time for stock prints is 2-4 weeks. For framed stock prints, the turnaround time is 4-6 weeks.

If you are purchasing five or more stock image prints for commercial or corporate interior spaces, you are eligible for a discount. Glenn can also accommodate bulk orders of 100+ prints.

Collectors will receive Glenn’s Gold Limited Edition stock images. These feature his top selections, printed in rare editions.
Custom Stock Image Licensing for All Purposes

Are you uncertain about what stock image or license you need? No worries. Glenn will work personally with you to come up with a custom stock image solution that is appropriate for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a colourful addition to your website or something more complex, Glenn will ensure all your photography needs are accommodated.

Free Licensing

Glenn is a naturalist by heart and helps environmental groups achieve their mission to protect the Earth. So, charitable organisations or businesses that safeguard Mother Nature are eligible for a discount and even free licensing if certain requirements are met.

Past Image Publications & Potential for Use
Glenn McKimmin has featured his photography in a variety of mediums over the years. You could potentially use one of his stock photos for similar projects as well.
  • Publications- printed books, ebooks, articles, and PDFs.
  • Online website promotions- home pages, stock placeholders, ecards, announcements, advertisements, banners, and more.
  • Promotions- brochures, gallery guides, newspapers, newsletters, magazines, annual reports, and more.
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Once you agree to the terms and return the document, your images will be sent through appropriate means.
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Feel free to browse through Glenn’s gallery of wildlife photos made available for sale. Prices will vary depending on the frames, finishes and other customization.

He even accommodates orders of over 100 points. So Call Glenn & Convey Your Requirements.

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