Environmental Photography

–Glenn’s Homage to the Natural World…

Nature always garbs the true colour of the spirit. It laughs in the flowers. There is poetry in the scent of the earth. And glorious freedom in its sunshine…!

Motivation can be taken from its every trace of life… And a thousand miracles to be witnessed with every step of the walk…!

Mother Nature Supremes over Everything… And there’s nothing more beautiful than understanding and taking joy in some of its most precious gifts.

The Man & His Craft in Capturing the Natural World’s Beauty

Glenn and his camera have managed to capture countless shades and smiles of the natural world across different spheres of the globe. Holding a deep connection with the surrounding environment and waiting countless hours to capture that golden shot, he has witnessed its unimaginable power and exquisiteness.

It is what makes the ‘Man’ so renowned in the field of landscape photography. And his colourful portfolio of environmental photography so in-demand for commercial/corporate owners, home decorators, charitable organisations, publication houses and even for online website promotions.

His stunning environment photography presents a unique insight into how precious and peerless our natural world is. And how much important is it for everyone to protect it, nurture is and respect it!

Every shot is regal and depicted in its most natural form, which helps connect audiences with their environment.

And much to your delight; those interested in buying these masterpieces for home/corporate interior décor (or for any other requirement) can visit the website and easily do that.

Glenn, himself assures to help sort out their printing, frame and even image licensing requirements personally!

In Addition, Glenn Also Offers These Image Customisation Options

For Printing
Glenn’s limited edition environment photographs offered up for sale are printed on Chromajet Metallic Pearl via an Epson 9070 inkjet printer. This produces wide colour gamut and high D-MAX photos in both B&W and Colour.

For The Face Mount
Each photograph will feature an acrylic face mount, and the back will be covered with a specially treated aluminium to ensure optimal protection!

For The Framing
Glenn ensures every print is machine mounted on a Gatorfoam backboard with the help of a double-sided polyester carrier film. For matting Glenn also uses four-ply 100% cotton Alpharag Art care mat board.
To Sort Out All Your Requirements & The Type Of Environment Photos, You Want, CONTACT GLENN!