Fine Art Printing

You may purchase top-quality prints from all of the images you find on this site. I will only print images at sizes that meet my high expectations for quality and detail throughout.

When purchasing a Glenn Mckimmin print, you can expect meticulous attention to details such as colour accuracy and sharpness. I guarantee all of my work. My prints will appear as vivid as any you have seen. All of my limited edition printing is done with the finest printers and papers available today. All prints are hand-signed by me. I also offer short personally addressed note-inscriptions on the back of each image if desired, for no extra charge.

Please keep in mind that all sizes listed are for prints ONLY. Matting adds between 6 and 10 inches in diameter to the prints, and varies depending on the size requested. If you need to know the exact size of the matted print in advance, please contact me prior to purchasing.

All images will be packaged with great care and sent via a professional courier who specialise in the freight of sensitive items, with a tracking number to ensure all goes smoothly when the shipping the print to you. Please take great care in removing the print from its packaging. My turn-around time for print-only is usually 2- 4 weeks. For framed prints, please allow 4-6 weeks. If I am expecting any delays due to field work or other absence, I will make every effort to notify you of this. Please feel free to contact me regarding specific print questions at any time.

For collectors, I also offer my Collectors Club limited edition images of several of my top select photographs which are printed in rare editions of only 5 or 10. For more information about these specialty prints, please check the Collector’s Club Gallery.

Professional Framing services

Due to the delicate nature of the Fotospeed Metallic Paper used for Glenn’s prints, Glenn encourages clients to purchase their prints fully framed. Most framers are not properly geared to handle prints of this nature (see below). Framing prices are extremely competitive and prices are freight free to anywhere in the world.

Each of Glenn’s prints are framed using the Created for Life on the New South Wales Central Coast. All prints are machine-mounted to aluminium backboard using a double-sided polyester carrier film. This ensures that no human hands come into contact with the print during mounting and helps to mitigate against rippling and/or the “orange-peel” effect: characteristics that become especially apparent over time after metallic prints have been hand-mounted.

When matting is required, Glenn uses a four ply 100% cotton Alpharag Artcare matboard that has never contained lignin. Lignin is found in trees and this is what over time, can cause damage to photographic prints. Most other matboards that are acid-free have had this product removed or neutralised. It is fade and bleed resistant and provides the highest quality barrier paper and dust-cover. It also contains a technology that actively protects the art-work by trapping and neutralising harmful pollutants that might otherwise lead to fading, discolouration and damage.

Each of Glenn’s prints are framed using Shinkolite A (Acrylic). This 4.5mm covering provides 98% UV protection and is highly resistant to sunlight, weather and high and low temperatures. It warms to room temperature more quickly than glass, which reduces the moisture and condensation that could otherwise build around the work. It is colourless and is the clearest material available. Unlike glass, it does not shatter or break, and does not release gases with the potential to damage the work. Each of Glenn’s prints come with a Micro Fibre Cleaning Cloth to facilitate ease of cleaning and prevent scratching.

Printing for Corporate Interiors

In addition to my printing services for individuals, I also offer significant quantity discounts for corporate offices or any other business interested in acquiring five or more prints. If you are interested in making a large purchase for your office space, please contact me directly to work out the details. I can accommodate orders of over 100 prints! There may be no better way to enhance your office environment than to decorate it with these spectacular and inspiring landscape images!

Photography Assignments

Need a landscape to look its best? I can do the job well. Properties, resorts, golf-courses, landscaping, location-specific wilderness shoots, etc. I can handle any landscape. Although I do not generally involve the human element in my work, I can bring out the best in any landscape scene. Need to sell land? Nobody will make it look better than I can. My rates are very competitive. Contact me directly for more information.

Environmental Work

If you are interested in licensing any images on this website to be used by an environmental charity or other organization with a focus on protecting our natural lands you may contact me to apply for a significant discount or free licensing of my images for your publication. I make every effort possible to assist environmental groups and charities in their mission. Additionally, I am available for photo assignments regarding environmental protection at a discounted rate.

Stock Image Licensing

I represent my own stock. I can work with you to come up with a solution for all your licensing interests. Whether you simply need a colourful addition to your website or images for an advertising campaign, I can accommodate your needs and work with you to develop a license for use that meets your needs. Even if you don’t see the exact image you are looking for on this site, I have a stock collection, so feel free to contact me with specific requests.

Public Photo Presentation services

If you are looking for a professional to speak at any event from camera clubs to conventions, I can incorporate a wealth of information with a spectacular slide show to interest your group. Please contact me for more details.

Workshops and Photo Tours

Please visit my tours page for more information. I offer a range of exciting photo trips and instruction for all levels and abilities!