Wildlife Photography
Natural Wildlife Photography

Experience wildlife up and close without venturing out to the jungle or plains yourself.

Mother Nature isn’t just pretty. She is also fascinating with her numerous diversified inhabitants prowling or pouncing around. Each of Earth’s animals has the power to speak a unique, glorious language and awaken the primal spirit in both beast and man.

Expose of Nature’s Hidden Living Gems
Wildlife photography, like you see in our gallery, is the result of countless travel expeditions across the world. Glenn McKimmin has captured some of the world’s most fascinating creatures in their natural setting. Nature’s language is softly spoken yet roars all around us. Discovering her hidden gems means understanding and recognising that language, along with the symbolic and spiritual essence of animals.
Appreciating Animals with the Art of Photography
As the voice of all wildlife Glenn encounters, he is on a mission. He aims to touch the viewers senses and evoke feelings from the heart and soul to stir appreciation for the beauty of living creatures in their natural habitat. By sharing his stunning collection of wildlife photography with the world, Glenn shares the thrill and wonder he experienced photographing wild animals. There is nothing more jaw-dropping than being meters away from a wild elephant cooling itself in the waters. Only the art of photography can truly capture that visual.
Zero Waste Approach
Glenn McKimmin abides by his values and morals. To demonstrate this commitment, all orders are fulfilled via a sustainable zero-waste approach to support environmental protection. Simply put, nothing in your order will create unnecessary waste.
What Makes Our Wildlife Photos Australia’s Best

Thanks to our state-of-the-art photography printers in Sydney, you will receive a supreme print with optimal colour accuracy and sharpness. Each print is attractive, vivid, and clearly captures the most minute details to make them pop from the microporous coated paper. For face mounting, Museum Grade acrylic is used. And for framing, we partner with Created For Life to utilise precise machinery and real timber.

Each wildlife photography print will also include a handwritten artist signature along with a note, making them all the more personal and valuable.

Purchase Your New Favorite Wildlife Print
Browse the Glenn McKimmin gallery to soak up the beauty of his wildlife photography. Each shot embodies a unique visual style, so take your time and enjoy the process of choosing your new favourite print.
Speak To Glenn & Sort Out Your Requirements
Feel free to browse through Glenn’s gallery of wildlife photos made available for sale. Prices will vary depending on the frames, finishes and other customisations.

He even accommodates orders of over 100 points. So Call Glenn & Convey Your Requirements.

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