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Glenn McKimmin
Glenn Mckimmin is a professional landscape photographer from Australia with 15 years of diverse industry experience. He loves what he does for a living and generously helps others discover the life-changing benefits of photography.

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Glenn McKimmin boasts a grand collection of breathtaking images. This collection was captured over the span of 15 years across a spectrum of countries like New Zealand, Bhutan, Canada, Ireland, and many more exquisite landscapes. Glenn’s Colorful Legacy is an inspiration for every aspiring landscape photographer. And now, you can commercially license a piece of that collection to inspire your audience as well.
Fine Art Photography
Glenn McKimmin hosts one of the most remarkable fine art galleries in Australia. His knowledge, experience, and skill combine to create awe-inspiring shots that could convert anyone into an avid fine art aficionado. Each photograph captures the rich depth and complexity found throughout Australia and our surrounding world.
Wildlife Photography
Mother Nature isn’t just pretty. She is also fascinating with her numerous diversified inhabitants prowling or pouncing around. Each of Earth’s animals has the power to speak a unique, glorious language and awaken the primal spirit in both beast and man.

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Aperture Australia 2020
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Glenn Mckimmin