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Australian landscape photography

Browse our beautiful online gallery of Australian landscape photography. Glenn Mckimmin has travelled all of Australia and shot some of the most stunning images. He’s captured it all, from calm blue waters to dark and stormy art.

What makes Australian landscape photography so unique?

Australia has one of the most diverse landscapes on earth. Australian landscape varies from lush rainforests to mountain range with snow-capped peaks, from red deserts to wildlife rich coral reefs. It’s also got iconic, awe-inspiring natural wonders. Such as Great Barrier Reef (every diver’s paradise on earth), Shark Bay, the iconic Twelve Apostles and The Pinnacles. The list goes on and on. Australia has something for everyone, offering so many opportunities for Australian landscape photography.

Here’s some of the most note-worthy landscapes in Australia. Why not make it into an epic road trip and capture these nature wonders yourself?

Great Ocean Road, Victoria

A bit of history, it was built as a memorial to Victoria’s WWI serviceman and women. It’s about 240 km long and is known as one of the most scenic drives in Victoria. The road takes you from the surf capital, Torquay to Twelve Apostles and finishes in Allansford. But I strongly recommend going further. Drive up to the historic fishing village Port Fairy, you won’t regret it. Great Ocean Road is full of jaw-dropping scenery, untouched surf beaches, ocean cliffs and a lot of greenery. This dramatic coastline is ideal for capturing Australian landscape photography.

Australian Alps, VIC, NSW, ACT

It doesn’t get more diverse than the snow-capped peaks of the Australian Alps. It spans across many states, from Victoria to New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory. It’s the highest mountain range in Australia, covered with snow during winter months. Ideal for skiing, snowboarding, hiking etc. As it has extraordinary views of the valleys below, it makes a great addition to your Australian landscape photography list.

Daintree Rainforest

You’ll find this beautiful, lush rainforest on the Northeast coast of Queensland. It covers almost 1200 km squared of land and it’s over 135 million years old, making it the oldest surviving rainforest in the world. It’s one of the best biologically diverse rainforests with its wildlife, flora and fauna. Daintree Rainforest is a great spot to disconnect from the outside world and reconnect with Mother Nature.

Pink lakes

Everyone’s seen that famous picture of bubblegum-pink lake somewhere in Australia. It’s Lake Hillier on Middle Island. It has its unique colour due to algae, halobacteria, and other microbes, making it a not ideal place to swim in but an excellent photograph to take of. There are over 10 pink lakes in Australia. You’ll find few of those, Lake Crosble, Lake Becking, Lake Kenyon and Lake Hardy in Victoria’s Murray-Sunset National Park.

Nitmiluk National Park, NT

Especially Nitmiluk Gorge, also known as Katherine Gorge consists of 13 gorges with river rapids and plunging waterfalls. It’s filled with majestic beauty and a rich cultural heritage of the Jawoyn Aboriginal people. Another perfect place for Australian Landscape photography. Fully immerse yourself in the nature and indigenous cultures.

Glenn has captured many of these wonderful natural monuments. Browse the collection and order online!

Glenn Mckimmin