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Professional photographic manufacturing by Created For Life

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Photographing the Brumbies is not as easy as you would think. Obviously adding snow makes that even harder. It’s almost like a hunt, you have to spot them and then ensure you stay downwind making as little noise as possible all the while trying to maintain composure in snowshoes while snow pellets smack you in the face from the freezing winds.

Sometimes what makes the photo is what you cannot see, in this case, the images look rather peaceful, the reality is vastly different and when you get one it makes it so much more rewarding.

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Product Information

Created For Life All of Glenn’s work is professionally produced by one of Australia’s premier photographic labs, Created For Life. Established over 30 years ago, CFL has a well-respected name in the industry and continue to provide services for some of the countries top professionals. You can be confident that when you purchase a stunning artwork from the online gallery that it will be produced with the highest attention to detail and craftsmanship possible.

Small :

Print only size : 508 x 762 mm
Finished frame size : 898 x 649 mm
Finished acrylic  size : 508 x 762 mm

Medium :

Print only size : 678 x 1016 mm
Finished frame size : 1152 x 819 mm
Finished acrylic size : 678 x 1016 mm

Large :

Print only size : 856 x 1270 mm
Finished frame size : 997 x 1406 mm
Finished acrylic size : 856 x 1270 mm

X-Large  :

Print only size : 1524 x 1016 mm
Finished frame size : 1650 x 1147 mm
Finished acrylic size : 1524 x 1016 mm