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Wildlife Photography

Collection of awe-inspiring images from talented photographer Glenn Mckimmin. Here you will find Australian wildlife photography as well as beautiful shots from all around the globe.

Wildlife photography can be demanding

Animal photography can be demanding, physically and mentally taxing as it requires amounts of patience. Sometimes, to get the perfect shot, you have to spend hours just standing still, aiming to capture the briefest of moments, to capture the emotions and feelings of the wildlife. Animal photography isn’t easy, wild animals are often wary of humans, thus to take the photo, you have to hide and use a hide to get as close as possible. Hides are camouflage bags or materials that help you go undetected in nature amongst animals. To get your shot, a photography shot!, you need to use your animal instincts to sneak up to them.

Learn about your subjects

Furthermore, what makes wildlife photography complicated is that you’re dealing with living beings. You can’t know where they are going and what they’re doing next. You have to rely on your ability to read their body language and behaviour to predict their next moves. The best way to learn that, is to study your subjects. There’s tons of material out there for you to get familiar with. It really goes a long way! For example, study when and what they eat! If you want to capture a deer, your best chance is at dusk when they feed on weeds, plants and wild grasses. This will ensure your efforts aren’t wasted.

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