Devils Marbles


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This shot reminds me of when I first starting taking landscape photographs. A mate and I were driving back from Darwin for my then boss and uncle, the great Ken Duncan. I was Kens assistant for quite a few years and the only chance I really got to take photos was when I got opportunities like this – driving 4,000 kilometres to get home.
We decided we could make the 1,000km drive to the Devils Marbles for sunset. The drive was smooth – we got there just in time, the colour was incredible and everything was amazing. I shot about 10 rolls of film from every angle and was really confident I got some good stuff.
I jumped down off one of the rocks only to discover that I had my lens cap on for the entire sunset. I had a range finder film camera in those days and it was impossible to tell without looking at it that you had left the cap on.
Devastation set in as I wasn’t going to be back there in a hurry. We went to the nearby Wauchope Hotel where I almost cleared them out of Cooper’s Pale that evening. The next morning we woke up and got a nice little sunrise with some friendly Dingos and this was the result.
Thank goodness for digital – that mistake would now be impossible!

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