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Sometimes I sit and think about life as a photographer and this image I shot recently in Lofoten came to mind. Sometimes we rush to get somewhere when we are out shooting and it could be a lost opportunity worrying about things that don’t really matter.

Case in point with this image was that we drove past this spot the previous day with almost the same conditions but we didn’t stop as we had to be somewhere (probably not somewhere important), I regretted it for the rest of the night and felt like I had let down the people we had because we could of great them a great image.

So the next day we were moving to a new hotel and it wasn’t the ideal time to stop but there was no way in hell I wasn’t going to stop. We hung around this area shooting for nearly 2 hours and I believe everyone will have a decent image or two from here.

The moral is; opportunities don’t always come to you but when they do take them, don’t go away wondering what if. In photography if you think there is a shot there…..stop the car!

Additional information

Product Style

Acrylic Face Mount, Framed Black, Framed Raw Timber, Framed White, Print Only

Image Size

Small 762 x 305 mm, Medium 1016 x 406 mm, Large 1270 x 508 mm, X-Large 1524 x 610 mm, Jumbo 1778 x 711 mm, OMG 2032 x 813 mm

Product Information

Created For Life All of Glenn’s work is professionally produced by one of Australia’s premier photographic labs, Created For Life. Established over 30 years ago, CFL has a well-respected name in the industry and continue to provide services for some of the countries top professionals. You can be confident that when you purchase a stunning artwork from the online gallery that it will be produced with the highest attention to detail and craftsmanship possible.

Small :

Print only size : 762 x 305 mm
Finished frame size : 898 x 446 mm
Finished acrylic size : 762 x 305 mm

Medium :

Print only size : 1016 x 406 mm
Finished frame size : 1152 x 547 mm
Finished acrylic size : 1016 x 406 mm

Large :

Print only size : 1270 x 508 mm
Finished frame size : 1406 x 539 mm
Finished acrylic size : 1270 x 508 mm

X-Large :

Print only size : 1524 x 610 mm
Finished frame size : 1650 x 751 mm
Finished acrylic size : 1524 x 610 mm

Jumbo  :

Print only size : 1778 x 711 mm
Finished frame size : 1914 x 852 mm
Finished acrylic size : 1778 x 711 mm

OMG  :

Print only size : 2032 x 813 mm
Finished frame size : 2158 x 954 mm
Finished acrylic size : 2032 x 813 mm