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This is the man responsible for ensuring the monks and performers were well fed at one of the festivals we visited in Bhutan. It is amazing to think what they achieved in what we would call a very basic kitchen. Sometimes you have to be a bit opportunistic with your photography and this trip has really made me start to assess the direction my photography is headed. You can get so obsessed trying to capture the perfect landscape that you miss the multitude of stories along the way. I guess if you stop testing yourself you stop growing as an artist. Anyway, I hope you like this one.

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Created For Life All of Glenn’s work is professionally produced by one of Australia’s premier photographic labs, Created For Life. Established over 30 years ago, CFL has a well-respected name in the industry and continue to provide services for some of the countries top professionals. You can be confident that when you purchase a stunning artwork from the online gallery that it will be produced with the highest attention to detail and craftsmanship possible.

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