Exclusive invite only opening of my brand new Exhibition titled – Wander. 

On the night I will provide some light refreshments matched with some great wines.  As a way of saying thank you for coming along I will be giving away a print valued at $1500 to one lucky person on the night.

As an added bonus I will be launching a brand new product not yet seen in Australia, it is set to revolutionise the sound and art market. If you are an interior designerproperty developer, architect or if you are just interested in great sound mixed with great art, this product will be a game changer and it is the first time it will be seen in Australia.

I have spent the past 15 years refining my craft and documenting how I see the world. I have had the privilege of being able to travel to some of the most incredible locations on the planet and now I am brining my journey back home to my Terrigal Gallery.

Wander is my latest collection of work featuring images from countries as diverse as Kamchatka, Bhutan, Norway, New Zealand and of course Australia. Wander will take you on a journey through these countries and allow you to experience in print my interpretation of the places that I visit.

– Featured image above – “Piopiotahi”

This is the first image release for my new exhibition – Wander. Its a very special place in New Zealand called Milford Sound.

Milford Sound was known to the Maori as ‘Piopiotahi‘, which translates to ‘a single piopio’ – a native thrush bird which is unfortunately now extinct in New Zealand.

The name derives from the legend about the last endeavour of Maui-tikitiki-a-Taranga – the great Polynesian demigod. Accompanied by his piopio he set off on a journey to win immortality for all mankind.

To achieve this goal, he challenged Hine-nui-te-po – The Goddess of Death – to a duel. If he won, he would be rewarded with the prize of eternal life. However if you hadn’t already guessed, he failed in his attempt and was brutally crushed to death by the goddess. It is said that his piopio, who witnessed this terrible tragedy, flew south to the fiords to mourn his loss – giving birth to ‘Piopiotahi‘.