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We are proud to be an official Australian NiSi Filters retailer, stocking the entire NiSi Square Filter System range.

NiSi filters are perfect for photographers looking for an extremely high quality, low colour cast while remaining user friendly. All filters are Nano coated, and offer double sided water proofing, low reflection and colour cast, optical high definition glass and IR coating. The infrared protection coating eliminated the infrared light through the lens, bringing back the natural colour.nisi-filters-australia-square-filter-system-glenn-mckimmin-sydney

Introduction to NiSi Filters

The famous Russian landscape photographor Zweiwei Team make the beauting time-lapse photography with NiSi GND filter,This video was also show in 2014 Photokina and provide by Nisi Company.

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Watch the video below to learn how to install the NiSi V5 Holder

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