My name is Glenn Mckimmin, I was born in Manly, I grew up all along the East Coast of Australia and now call Terrigal home.
I am a landscape photographer who absolutely loves his job and everything that comes with it. I appreciate the people I meet, the places I go, the hours I keep, and the spontaneity in every shoot.

I appreciate the raw reality of everyday life, the fleeting beauty of those in-between moments, and I do my very best to take every picture with that in mind. I want my viewers to relate to my photographs through recognition of and familiarity with the situations, the emotions, and the energy so much that they wonder if they are looking at a picture of somewhere they know.

Now to the serious stuff….

Thank you for taking the time to view my art. I hope it inspires you even in some small way, and that you enjoy witnessing it as much as I enjoyed creating it for you.

For me, there is nothing quite like being completely and utterly alone, out in the wilderness, the dusty red outback, perhaps sitting by a fast- flowing creek or on a deserted beach as the waves roll in. Just me and my camera. Waiting for that perfect moment, when I hit the shutter button and hope I’ve got a shot which will connect people with the heart and soul of my location and evoke an emotional response.

I love photography for this very reason. It’s a medium which allows me to create that connection, and bring the beauty of our natural world to light for people to enjoy. It’s also my great hope that my images will inspire people to look after the world around them and to have greater respect for our environment.

I’m so privileged to have been able to travel with my uncle, the panoramic landscape pioneer Ken Duncan, right around the world. He has taught me to see the beauty of nature, and the rewards that come when you spend that little bit of extra time in a place. I’m fortunate to call the beautiful NSW Central Coast home, and I love to get out and shoot the myriad of spectacular places the region has to offer. But I also love to travel further and explore the great nation in which I live and try to find the hidden wonders too. The images in my collection are from right around the country, and also from my overseas travels.

Although the uprising of the digital age has, thankfully, made photography more readily accessible to everyone, and digital cameras are bringing a whole new dimension to the art form, I have only just converted my technique to include a digital camera.

I shoot all my landscape work with Fuji GFX, because it gives clarity, unique quality and rich colour tones which simply cannot be achieved by any digital camera.

I will often cover the back of my camera so that I cannot look at the images as they come up, this takes me back to my film days and lets me experience the moment I am in trying to capture. And, as I have learned over the years you need to be persistent and spend plenty of time in a  place – because when everyone else has given up, packed up and gone home for the day, that’s when you are rewarded with those magical,  unexpected and often fleeting moments.

I have been greatly influenced by the people I have worked with, and each and everyone has left a lasting impression on my style. I owe deep gratitude to Ken Duncan and the many other top professional photographers who have openly shared their talents with me. But I also want to pay tribute to every photographer, be they big or small, professional or amateur – for in such a dynamic industry, I believe there are lessons to be learned from every level.

The photographic industry is experiencing an exciting time of new growth and I feel very lucky to be part of it, doing what I love. I hope my images inspire you and encourage you to follow your dreams too.

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